About Us

Studio 5253 is a leading architectural visualization studio based in Auckland NZ, excelling in rendering material for off-the-plan properties nationwide.

Based primarily in Australasia with an office recently opened in Canada, Studio 5253 has undertaken projects across the globe in countries like New Zealand, Australia, France, USA, Singapore, and the UK. Our executive team consists of architects and technicians that bring their collective years of expertise and a keen eye for detail to produce photorealistic visual content for unbuilt architecture.

What gives us an edge over our competitors is the ability to take on projects of any magnitude and deliver on short notice. We offer quick turnarounds and are lauded for our fast response times.

The studio's main focus has always been to produce accurate, well-priced, high-quality imagery that meets the project brief and appeals to a wider audience.

Our clients consist of but are not limited to property developers, architects, real estate agents & local councils looking to envision their future projects and market their unbuilt property to buyers and end-users.

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